Saturday, February 11, 2012

Short Long Run and New Shoes

Due to that damn pinched nerve - I wasn't sure how my long run would go. My runner girls were off duty today so I hooked up with some of my other TNT Teammates at Eau Claire and we hit the road.  I was supposed to do 9K, but each step sent shockwaves of pain through my shoulders so I called it at 2.5K and turned around...finishing at just over 5K.  

The funny part of this was that the run actually did my shoulder some hour later, I had almost full range of motion and very minimal pain.  Maybe it shook something loose.  I'll likely make up the distance tomorrow when I test out the treadmill :)

After the run, I zipped up to Gord's Running Store on Centre Street.   I was meeting Amy (who I met at my marathon) for coffee at the Starbucks next door and figured I might be able to try on a few pairs of shoes before I met her.  My real hope was that there might be a pair of the Brooks Pure Flows in my size, but they only had them in teeny tiny sizes.  They are going to order in a pair for me instead.  So - I tried on some Mizunos and HATED them.  Much too narrow for my feet...and I don't have wide feet.

Then I noticed that among all of the shoeboxes that were stacked in front of the window, there were A LOT of them with size 11 printed on them.   I asked about them since it was a really broad selection, and the saleslady told me that they were $50 clearance pairs. 

Having no luck on the regular shelf - and with a few minutes to spare before meeting Amy - I started pulling boxes out (and nearly knocked over the window display in the process - oops).  The first pair I tried were a pair of Karhu...a Finnish brand I have been curious about but had never happened upon in my size.  THEY FIT PERFECTLY!  I mean PERFECTLY.  The arches lined up beautifully and they were just the right width.  I think I know how Cinderella felt when the shoe was her perfect fit.  

I took some tentative jogging steps around the store (it's not really laid out to do any serious testing), but I liked what I felt and decided to take a chance on them for $50!   They are $170 new so this was a huge score.

Picture time!  Meet my new Forward Fucrum Rides.

I <3 them :) and can't wait to take them for a run!

I also tried on some Brooks (can't remember the model but I didn't like the feel of the arches on that model) and some New Balance (waaaay too wide for my average width foot).  Was tempted by some Montrails, but don't need new trail shoes - mine only have a few kms on them.   It was such an awesome selection of clearance shoes and a killer price for runners.  If you are in Calgary - head to Gord's and stock up on shoes now!


  1. and for the second time on my blog! You're practically famous to my little subscribership... ;)

  2. Gord is awesome and patiently gave advice to me about plantar fasciitis, watched my gait as I tried on shoes :)

  3. I don't think he was there when I was there, but the girl I talked to was incredibly patient and helpful...I know I'll be back there for my next pair of shoes just for the service :)

  4. Yay for new shoes that fit your feet so perfectly, seems to rare that it happens like that!

  5. So glad you got awesome shoes for cheap! Gord's is literally in my neighbourhood...and today, I discovered that - despite fractured wrist in cast - I could tie my own laces. I hope to be at Gord's this week!!


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