Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Run Van - Week 5 Training Recap

Okay - so I am a few days behind on getting my week 5 recap done...I've been really busy with all of my Rick Hansen Relay stuff.   Now - I can finally focus and get something down here about my training for Vancouver!

Week 5 went pretty well, though it was also pretty uneventful.I celebrated my 2nd Runnerversary this week - 2 years of running happy!!  I ran most runs on the treadmill and then had a lovely solo 10K on Saturday.  I missed my Sunday run due to all of the busy-ness around the Rick Hansen Relay...but I suppose it is better to miss a 3K run than to miss all of my weekday runs.

Here was my week:

Monday: 45mins on the bike (Yay - crosstraining!)
Tuesday: 5K run on the treadmill
Wednesday: First hill training on the treadmill
Thursday: 5K run on the 'mill
Friday: Off
Saturday: Solo 10K at Glenmore Reservoir
Sunday: Rick Hansen Relay - 250 metres of running awesomeness

This week I found I was struggling heavily with exhaustion. I hesitate to say I am wavering into Overtrainingland but it might not be out of the question.   This week, I am focusing on lowering the intensity to give my body a bit of a break. My speeds may be slower and my hills might be at a lessened incline - and I'll be trying to go to bed earlier.  I'll get the runs done, but my focus is on finishing strong - not tapping myself out. I don't want to end up sick or injured...or both.

I know that this is the first time in a year that I have actually been concentrating on following a proper training plan and my mileage has been higher than what might be considered "normal" for me. 

Past week recaps: 


  1. keep up the great work on training! last year when i started training, i felt really tired too but it definitely went away as i started to acclimatize!

  2. I'm hoping that's all there is to it. I may take a few days off of running this week...just to get some extra rest so I don't end up getting sick. Sometimes that kind of downtime is just necessary to keep going :)


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