Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rick Hansen Relay Pt.3 - End of Day Celebration

Warning: Super media heavy...unavoidably so...

When all was said and done, my family all went to Starbucks for coffee.  There were still a couple of hours to kill before the End of Day Celebrations were to start at BMO Centre.   My parents attended the end of day celebration with us - good thing too, since it took 4 of us to keep a handle on the girlies there.

Live music set the mood.

Ronald was there - it's always a party with Ronald....

The girls got to hug a horse!

I bought a great new tech shirt.

The girls made a new friend.  This little girl was an irresistible draw for them and she lived her little life with such zest that you couldn't help but smile and giggle with her!

I totally missed the best part of the girls playing though...while Buggie ran around and around - Doodle was getting her cowbell on with Keon Raymond from the Calgary Stampeders.  They were really getting down with those Scotiabank Cowbells (when we got home we noticed we had somehow acquired 5 of these thanks to the girls being kleptomaniacs) . It was so sweet to watch that I totally failed to take a photo or video and hubby missed it.   But the memory will live on in my was truly a great moment and I think Mr. Raymond has himself a new fan in me because of it.

Rick Hansen was in attendance...I filmed his speech (pardon the crappy lighting and quality - at least the sound is ok):

Buggie REALLY wanted to high-5 Rick...but he had interviews so she happily high-fived the cardboard cutout.

The medal

Then, they did the embarrassing thing I saw on YouTube...they made us perform that little dance they taught us at the meeting point.  Luckily I'm not easily embarrassed anymore...for your viewing pleasure:

And a closeup of me...ish. I'm on the far left in the front...such talent lol

Me with Lonnie Bissonette - thank you for being out there with me!!!  You are incredible!

Me and the medal

My new buddy, Kyle - he was the guy who did most of the talking at our debrief.  Such a great guy and so much energy!

We left shortly after the dance, but hubby was able to shoot this picture of Rick as he gave an interview.  I really wish I could have talked to him in person, but our girlies had been a long time without a nap and our departure was necessary to get them sleeping before a major public meltdown occurred.  I have no doubt that I will have another chance in the future to meet and talk to Rick. 

I'll post later with my overall impressions and feelings about the day - right now I just wanted to get it all out while it was fresh!  I will also post official photos soon.

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