Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rick Hansen Relay Pt.2 - Cori and the Heavy Medal

Warning: ton of photos in this post...

Onto the shuttle we all went. I sat with the kid who would be handing the medal off to me so we had loads of time to work out our hand-off (high five and fist bump, in case you're wondering).  As the bus traveled up Macleod Trail, the team showed us video footage of the original Man in Motion tour and of the impact Rick Has had on our world.  It was truly inspiring.

I expected that my "insertion point" (as they called it) was going to be just across Glenmore Trail...imagine my surprise when I was dropped off in front of Spence Diamonds on the south side of Glenmore.  This was quite far from where my family expected.  Hubby later told me that they couldn't even tell if it was me from so far away.

As soon as I was off the bus, I was met by the people who would guide me to the hand off (I'm sorry, I don't remember your names - it was all a blur...but THANK YOU SO MUCH!)   I was told exactly how it needed to go and that I would have 3 minutes to complete my segment.   Then the Rick Hansen motorhome was there - music a-blarin' - and I was moved to the middle of the road for the hand off.

The medal went over my head and it was high-five-fist-bump...then fist bump again for the cameras!  I took a moment to look at the medal and really notice how heavy it was.  This medal had an incredible energy to it.  Like you could almost feel the amazing people who had carried it before me radiating from it. 

And I was off. As I started to run, I had to hold onto the medal - it's weight was unwieldy. I had a chatty lady pacing me - asking me questions as we went.  In the Hand Cycle was Lonnie Bissonette (such an inspiring story).  I was in amazing company for my segment!  Thank you all!

It took me a minute or two to reach my family...

No comments on the high-water pants :P

When I finally did - I quickly motioned for my daughters to join me and they ran right out.

Run run was slow going and the girls were tired.

Shot of the back of the motorhome - this is where the photographers were.

Soon, Doodle stopped short and said "Up mommy!"  Knowing I didn't have much time - I scooped them both up and we walked the rest of the segment.

Then it was time to pass the medal on to the next amazing Difference Maker.  My five minutes were up and I had to say goodbye to that amazing medal and all of the incredible energy it possesses.  But I knew an incredible woman was carrying it!

And the relay continues behind me but I am done.

Meeting up with my family and friends who came out in support.  Thank you mom and dad for travelling so far for this and to everyone else who shared in this amazing day - despite the less than stellar weather!  Luckily, I ended up not getting too cold - even though I was barely dressed to run faster in fall weather...just chilly fingers and toes.

And, in case you were wanting to watch it for real - my awesome brother in law filmed it for me!  Thanks, D!   (you can tell the parts where he was running to stay ahead but it's still good)


  1. Totally choked me up ... well done CORI !!!!

  2. It was such an emotional experience. I'm still trying to gather my thoughts and feelings around it so I can write another post from the heart. I'm actually amazed I didn't cry during the leg...but I sure teared up watching it again on video.

  3. make me cry much!! I saw your post about DIY medals before this post.... kleenex moment!! -Mel (from DM)


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