Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rick Hansen Relay Article

The article came out in the Calgary Herald today about the Rick Hansen Relay coming to Calgary.

They didn't end up using much of my interview at all, just this one quote about how Rick's journey influenced my outlook on life:
“When I heard about this anniversary relay, it was so emotional for me. Rick Hansen was such a big influence on my childhood, on my life. He taught me about pushing past my boundaries.”
and the photo was definitely cute :)

They did slightly misquote me in the rest of the article.  They said I run MARATHONS for charity, when I have only run one half for charity and a little bit fundraising for the Mother's day run.  I do plan to run more, though so maybe it was her way of looking into my future for me :)

Just a reminder to anyone who wants to come cheer me on, I will be running sometime between 11 and 11:15am tomorrow (Feb 26) on the Northbound side of Macleod Trail between Glenmore and the Pedestrian Bridge.

Edited to add: the article appears on page A6 in today's Herald for anyone who has the paper :)

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