Friday, February 24, 2012

Recent Race Registrations

It has been a really hectic month, this February of ours.  I totally forgot to post about two races that I registered for in the last week or so.

Calgary Marathon Jugo Juice 10K - I love this race so much!  I ran it for the first time last year and came in at just 1:00:02!  I hope to beat that time this year though with it being a new course, that remains to be seen! But fora  well planned and executed race that is just a whole lotta fun - any of the Calgary Marathon events just can't be beat!

Hostels International Spring Trio 15K - I have a 20K run scheduled for that day (I'll run a slow 5K beforehand) and  I thought why not make it a fun one...I'll be running this one with a lot of the ladies from my K100 relay Team.  It's a course I know well and should be a great teambuilding exercise!

These bring me to 6 races before the end of June!!!!

Also - I checked the registrations for our Mother's Day Team yesterday.  We are already 13 members strong!!!   So awesome!  That one is going to be such a fun race!

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