Friday, February 10, 2012

Pain in the neck

no - I mean literally.   Last night I missed my 3k steady run.  Initially, it was out of laziness.  By the time the girls were in was out of necessity.

We were playing on the floor with the girls.  Hubby started it - he'd sit one on his lap and the he'd hug is legs up around them and roll himself backwards.   The giggles were contagious.  Soon, a chorus of "MY turn" was bouncing off the walls.   and then they were crawling on me and asking me to try.

Honestly, the whole thing looked like one of those Pilates moves designed to kill me.  But I was too busy laughing and let the moment sweep me away.  I can't even remember what kid was on my lap at the time, but I curled us up into a ball and backwards we went...I felt something not good...and then I stayed back...flat on the floor.  Unable to get up.

Pinched nerve in the neck.  Figures.

I am determined to not let this get the best of me, though.  It hurts like hell today.  So bad that hubby had to actually push me into a sitting position this morning so I could get out of bed.   Driving in to work was great fun, since I couldn't turn my head.  The first thing I typed into Google when got there?

"Releasing pinched nerves"

I'm sure I looked crazy as I worked my way through a list of exercises at my desk, but I must admit - it feels much better now as a result.   I'm going to keep them up throughout the day and see if I can't get myself to pain-free by the time I get home tonight.  

Typically, a pinched nerve can derail me for a week.   I remember one I had in my hip about 10 years ago that kept me hobbling for almost 2 weeks!  I refuse to let that happen to me this time!  I have kids to care for and a race to train for and I intend to get better fast.

Power of positive thinking, y'all.  Power of positive thinking.  and the power of Google.


  1. Perhaps a trip to the chiropractor?

  2. If it doesn't feel better by Sunday, I'm making an appointment. It does feel much better after doing those exercises all day, but it is still less than 100%


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