Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Weekend in Running


  • Met JS bright and early at Glenmore for the 9K I had scheduled
  • Headed out to the south and ran until the path into the weaselhead prevented us going farther safely
  • Backtracked to the fish creek turn off and carried on
  • This was definitely not a strenuous run.  I was recovering from my sickness and JS was taking it easy on her knee.  
  • We walked ALOT and talked intensely.
  • Coffee that followed was quick but heavenly
  • Brought my shoes, intending to run in Lacombe
  • Turned out my running clothes weren't warm enough for the weather and my mom's treadmill was folded up to make room for extra beds
  • We got home later than planned, but once the girls were in bed - I laced up and hit the path for a 4k steady
  • Decided to turn it into a tempo with a negative split.
  • Finished in 26 mins and change - my fastest 4k in recent days
  • Snowy and the temperature dropped rapidly, but I was super warm and sweaty 
Tried to take a self portrait, but this is all you get when wearing a headlamp in the darkest night

Garmin proof

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