Monday, February 20, 2012

MOMday: The Day We Didn't See the Penguins

This weekend, we put the family in Family Day weekend and headed into the city to check out the new Penguin enclosure at the Calgary Zoo.  The Penguin Plunge.

Of course - we were stupid enough to try to go on opening weekend.   These were the only penguins we actually saw (hint:not real penguins):

When we arrived - this was what the line looked like from the end...
We did the math...and a lot of laughing... two 2.5 year old times a minimum 2 hour wait = we'd be stupid to try!

In case that picture wasn't convincing enough - I filmed the line from the favourite part is where the zoo employee says that the wait time from the driveway was an hour and a half!

Luckily - the girls didn't seem to care.  I mean - they love their penguins, but they were more excited about giraffes and hippos...thank goodness for this one...the girls have been asking to hug a hippo all week...

Happy Family Day - if you live in a part of the country that celebrates.   If not - then happy MOMday to you!

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  1. That's a crazy long line! We're gonna find another time to take our daughter...hope you all get a chance to see the penguins soon.


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