Monday, February 27, 2012

MOMday: Creating Little Medals - A DIY Project

I might as well warn you's DIY week, here at Read.Write.Run.Mom.   I actually have two little projects to share - one to make for the tots and one to make for yourself.  Stay tuned Wednesday as well!

When I first signed on as a medal bearer for the Rick Hansen Relay, I immediately knew that this was something I wanted to do with my daughters.   I want them to run and not know why.  I want them to see physical activity as a priority in their own lives because they will grow up seeing me make it a priority in mine.

So - Relay day was fast approaching and I had a fit of inspiration.  At the end of my Relay Segment, I was going to receive a commemorative medal, but my girls would not. 

As we all know, I am a self-professed medal whore.  No shame in coming right out and saying it.  I loves me some medals.  It was the perfect opportunity to make them something to commemorate the occasion that they could look back on and hopefully see it as the start of their very active lives.
I was going to make them medals!

Initially, I figured I would just roll out some Sculpey, cut it into circles and etch "I ran Rick Hansen Relay with my Mommy" on each one (plus their names - gotta make sure everything is marked or there will be a fight).  Bake 'em up, add a ribbon...VOILA - Instant Medal!

Even bought some glitter glue - I was prepared to get fancy!

Friday, I was sitting at work, knowing that this was my Friday night project.  Then I saw a tweet from the Rick Hansen Foundation that said London Drugs was selling commemorative merchandise.  I had already bought myself a medallion from the Royal Canadian Mint to turn into a Christmas tree ornament and I decided right then and there that if I could buy two more medallions at London Drugs - then THAT was going to be what my toddler medals would be!  Totally took the easy road.  On the way home we stopped and I picked up the medallions.

Saturday, I went shopping for ribbon for the lanyard.  I lucked out and found a white ribbon with a royal blue and yellow pattern that was girly yet reminiscent of the Rick Hansen Relay branding.  I measured out the ribbon around the girls necks (I totally didn't tell them what i was doing so the medals would be a surprise!)  Then, as soon as they were in bed, I hauled out my old sewing machine.

Before I go any farther - I should tell you that I am not a good sewer (um person who sews, not stinky underground filth pipe).  Sure I can make a helluva Franken-lovey but that is about the extent.  This sewing machine is not heavily used! If I can sew these...anyone can!

After carefully analyzing my own medal collection - I figured I should be able to mash my way to a couple of medals.

I first sewed the ends of ribbons together on an angle

Trimmed away the excess ribbon so it looked like this when opened

pulled the sharp tip through the loop on the medallion

Pulled the tip upward to create a little loop over the medallion.

and stitched the tip to secure. (I machine stitched one and hand stitched the other (due to a bobbin loading error)

In the end - they look like little finisher medals.  The medallions were the perfect size for this.

 There you have it - DIY finishers medals for your kids.  Simple simple.

And the verdict come Relay day? Well, I think it's safe to say I have a couple of mini-medal whores on my hands.  Sigh - well, it never hurts to start them young!

They didn't really care much when they first got them, but they refused to take them off all day so they must have been pretty proud when all is said and done.

One day, when they are tired of playing with them - I'll turn the medallions into Christmas tree ornaments for their own trees.


  1. I love the kids medals, they are so cute - you are such an amazing mom to do this for them ). My daughter is slowing turning into a medal whore like me too .. she got an awesome medal at the Hamilton Kids Run and loves it ).

  2. That's awesome!! Ok, I need to be honest here... I totally got teary-eyed reading this!! It's too cute!! -Mel (from DM)

  3. Thanks, guys! I had fun making them and I do think it's so important to do whatever I can to encourage them to stay active. Once they start entering kids races, I may need to make them some mini medal racks :P


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