Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Long Run I Almost Skipped

I was seriously dragging ass this morning.  My alarm went off and I kept hitting snooze.  I knew it had snowed all night so I kept telling myself "Maybe you could just do it on the treadmill instead!"  Of course, I knew that was never gonna happen.

Finally, after getting up with the girls and lazing through breakfast...I figured I should just get it done.

After all - I never regret having DONE a run but I would always regret skipping it.

So, I got on my running gear and started the car.   I stopped to buy supplies for a little craft project (more on that Monday) on the way to Glenmore.   I parked next to Starbucks so I could get a coffee after and then zoom home.  And then I hit the paths.

Sure, it was snowy.  The paths were coated in white and I was really grateful to have pulled on my trail shoes.

Off I headed to the north with the wind in my face.  I figured 5K out, 5k back and I'd be done.  My plan was to run within the pace guidelines of my training schedule which were 7:19-8:12/k.  It was only around -4 but the wind made it feel slightly colder.  Still - it was bearable and almost refreshing to run in.  I never felt like I was freezing and, as you can see - I was dressed fairly normally for this run:

When I got to the turn off to the dam, I turned right and headed out over the dam walkway.

The beautiful Elbow River Valley - love the snowflake trapped on my glasses

Then at River Park, I turned toward a path I'd never taken before.   And discovered a hill that might rival the one into and out of the Weaselhead. This one goes down into a nice picnic area along the Elbow River.  Fun to run down...not so fun to run back up. I'm not embarrassed to admit I walked up it.  I tried to get a pic of it on the way back but this was all I got before my phone battery died:

I am so bringing my girls here next summer

The curve at the top is just the beginning...

It doesn't look daunting there, but trust me - it curves and snakes it's way up. and up. and up.

Then, with the wind at my back, I finished the last 4.5K and the run was done.   I think I'd like to go further down that new path and explore on a longer run sometime.  Good thing I have a few of those coming up!

I'm so glad I actually did it.  Like I said - I never regret a run I did :)

Actual little sign in my house...

And the run geekery:


  1. Wow - that's quite the run! Those were interesting pics...I think I remember one time being on or near that time, I was doing a practice walk for Kidney March. Great 10k, and awesome job in the snow! I'll be out there running tomorrow.

  2. Nice job on the run! Love all the beautiful pictures and the snowflake on your glasses. we had beautiful weather this morning. Nearly springlike and now it is back to winter, so glad I ran this morning and didn't wait until afternoon!


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