Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Hunt for a New Shoe

I was adding my run to Daily Mile last night when I took a quick peek at the mileage on my normal running shoes - my Asics Gel-Cumulus 12s.   I trained for my marathon all last summer on them and have worn them regularly beyond that.   They are getting to the point where a pair of Nikes would have started to fail me so I am thinking it's time to start shoe shopping again.

Having only been a runner for a couple of years, I haven't needed that many pairs of shes.  I started in a beat up pair of Sauconys that were all wrong for me.   After developing bursitis rather quickly from them - I switched to Nike Zoom Vomeros.   The Vomero 3 and 4 were great but the 5s seem to make me hurt.  Then I gave my Asics a shot and fell in love with them.  When I bought trail shoes, I gravitated to Asics too - both from the experience with the Gel-Cumulus AND because they were cheap and purple.  

The only issue I find with the Asics is that if I don't tighten the f*@k out of them...they cause me to hobble for several days after each run with foot pain.   As long as I only barely have circulation to my feet - I am fine...but if they aren't tightened to the extreme...then, pain.

I also have a pair of Vibram Five Fingers, but those aren't for running.  I'm not sure I want to get into the whole minimalist thing...

So this hunt could be interesting.   I'm going to start by interviewing people on what they love and why. 

The things I have loved about my past shoes have been:
  • Colours - blues, purples, yellows...happy coloured shoes make me very happy! 
  • Cushioning - if I'm going to pound the pavement for 3 hours (for fun) on a Saturday, I want to do it in comfort
My restrictions are:
  • must be available in size 11 womens (yes - my feet almost qualify me for downhill skiing without skis)
  • neutral shoe
  • no pink (I'm allergic and super set on this one)
  • ability to buy online (most stores don't carry my size anyway)

What shoes do you run in and love?   What shoes have you had bad experiences with?   Please share your experiences and adventures in the comments!  Thanks in advance!


  1. I have always had trouble with shoes until my physiotherapist made me buy a pair of Mizunos. I love them and have worn them every since. I wear orthotics and so have always worn the neutral Wave Riders. The last iteration, Wave Rider 14s, apparently have some issues but I like them fine, but the newest model the Wave Rider 15s are supposed to be awesome. They come in some pretty funky colours though... I also wear size 11 and bought mine online from the US for less than half of the Canadian retail price.

  2. I LOVE funky coloured shoes and Mizunos are definitely on my curiousity list. Same goes for the Brooks Pure series.

    The wish list is growing.

    I've had decent luck finding brand new shoes on ebay for around the $35 pricepoint, but it is good to know that it is that much cheaper to order out of the states. It's also nice to know I have another size 11 person to commiserate with :)

  3. I would go into Gord's to browse around for new styles. I'm also thinking of the Brooks PureCadence or PureFlow and the Saucony Mirage, Fastwitch or A4/A5

  4. If I have time tomorrow, that is my plan. I still think I'll end up ordering online, though. Usually I end up being forced to squeeze my feet into a size 10 shoe to check the cushioning and then ordering my size online :P I have my eye on the PureFlow.


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