Friday, February 3, 2012

Houston, we have a mommunity failure...

...of EPIC proportions.

Buggie very sick.  Hubby stayed home.
Momma and Doodle went to work/dayhome.

Buggie still very sick and Momma feeling ill as well.
Momma stayed home.

Buggie feeling better, momma thinking she feels better.  Business as usual.
By end of day, Doodle feeling ugh-y.  Momma feeling super ugh-y.

Momma dying of the plague.  Doodle listless and a snot factory.
Momma stayed home. Babies stayed home.

Plague hits Doodle fully.  Hubby stayed home.
Business as usual for Buggie and Momma
(hubby feeling ill by end of day...)
Despite being totally justified in all of the absences this week, I can't help but feel so guilty about it all.  This was the first full week at the new dayhome for the girls and they have hardly been there.  It is also only the second week at my new job and already I've had to pull the "My kid is sick" card and the "I'm really sick" card.   I totally don't blame my new employer if they think that this is how it will usually be.  As if they are going to believe that my kids are rarely sick and that I am usually protected by my mommunity?  On the other hand, I am a mom and if my kids need me - I am going to be at home with them.  My Big Girl job will always be my part time job because my full time job is 24/7/365 until the day they go to college.

The downside to being a sick working momma, though, is that you cease to actually get a real sick day...ever again.   If I'm sick, it usually means my kids are too.  So buh-bye lazing in bed with a book and a box of tissues, hello Dora the Explorer and wiping snot off little faces while simultaneously spraying hand sanitizer on every inch of exposed skin.

This has been quite the week.  I feel I need to admit that I have missed 2 training runs, but within the scope of my justification meter...they were totally justified.  Momma can't run if she's dizzy.   This has been one helluva head cold and I thought I would still be able to get out there, but I had to give myself a talking to and pull the justified card on cancelling both runs. I did get on the bike last night so I don't feel too bad about the poor eating while everyone has been out with this bug.

No worries, though - I have 9K on the schedule for tomorrow morning to get me back on track with training.


  1. I hope you feel bettter and that tomorrow your run will be amazing.

  2. Thanks! I am ever the optimist and am hopeful this thing will find the door and leave :P

  3. I hope you are better for your morning run! we had the plague this week at our house too. Hope you have a good sleep tonight!


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