Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fun treadmill fact

Fun fact:  I feel like I am running so much slower on the treadmill.  I am slightly terrified it will eject me off the back!

5K on the treadmill = done.
Momma = oh so sweaty

I wore the Karhus for the first 1.5K but a nagging pain in my left foot asked me to change to my Asics to finish the run.  So I can't say it was a 100% steady run...but I got 'er done regardless.

Now I can have a nice dinner and relax time with my funny valentines instead of rushing to eat so I can run.

ETA: Totally forgot to mention that I booked JS and my suite for Van.   It's just a couple of blocks from the start line and super close to everything else!  So exciting!!!

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  1. When I tried my treadmill, I was running about 1 min/km slower for the same fear of being ejected.


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