Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Reads: The Start-Up by Sadie Hayes

This is part of a 3 week series about this novella trilogy.

I am a total geek girl so I ate up every second of it. The writing is like a sexy YA novel. I had never heard of it before, but Kobo sent out a "Buy 2 get the third free" coupon and I leapt after reading the description. Besides, the books were only a couple of bucks each so I wasn't out much if I ended up hating it.

Here's the premise of the novel (hopefully without giving too much away): Orphaned twins, Adam and Amelia Dory score a full scholarship to Stanford. Amelia, a computer super-nerd, is mucking around with some code in the computer lab one day and happens to create an amazing and useful iPhone app. Her humility won't let her exploit it, despite a tech incubator wanting her on board. Meanwhile, her brother is suddenly enamoured with the idea of becoming a venture capitalist after working as a bartender at a party for rich technology investors. Everyone at the party was suddenly much richer when an investment sells for mega-bucks - a sure overvaluement. Adam tells Amelia about it and she easily hacks the company to see what the fuss is about. The shocking discovery they make threatens to destroy the investors and makes them some very powerful enemies. Especially after Amelia's dorm roommate spills the beans on who the mystery hacker was!

I really don't want to give spoilers on this one. It is a light, fun read. Very quick to get through. I read it in an afternoon - ok, actually maybe in an hour. And I have NO time to read these days so that is really saying something. I am obsessed with Silicon Valley ever since I read "Fire in the Valley" a million years ago, so I loved that the book was set there. despite constant name dropping of tech companies and their founders (which made some parts read like research), I loved how seamlessly the twins coexisted with this world.

This geek girl says: If you want a fun read with some computers and geekspeak thrown in - pick up this ebook series!

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