Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Reads: The Start Up - The Anti-Social Network by Sadie Hayes

Book two picks up a couple of months after book one ended.   The twins are surviving and thriving, despite losing their scholarship.  the decision to join the incubator has given Amelia the push she needed to make the most of her programming and the money to keep both her and Adam in school and able to live.   Out of the blue a new enemy emerges from their darkest past to blackmail them.  The Family - former foster parents - have damning evidence against Adam and if Amelia won't do what they demand, he could be in big trouble.

Then there are the love interests...why won't Lisa (the daughter of an enemy) just let Adam take their romance public?  What is it about Sundeep's eyes that make Amelia want to swoon?

Book two definitely had a more YA feel to it.   It was still incredibly absorbing and I devoured it as quickly as my breaks would allow.   Sometimes, Amelia came across as too smart and we never really get a sense of exactly what Adam is doing there...unless it is just to play a naive little boy living out of his element and jealous of his sister.

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