Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Goals (and a January recap)

2012 got off to a rough start...goals were set but no real direction was pointed in.  My weight went down. then up.  Then down again so I am right where I started. Workouts were skipped.  And then I got the message asking me to be the Run Van Blogger and took it for what I needed it to be - motivation.

So, toward the end of the month, I got going with my training clinic and jumped into my training plan with a time goal in mind.  This has been wonderful because it really gives me something to strive for and I know that if I put in the time, it is sure to pay off!

Here was my little calendar for the month:

February Goals

1) Buy a treadmill - already shopping for one.  My new job has a personal spending account and I can use it to buy home fitness equipment.  I'd be silly to not get right on this.

2) Start weight management/nutrition counseling through my employee assistance program at work - REGISTERED!  I am going the e-counseling route and ordered the package today.   Can't wait to get started reining in my weight.

3) (and yes, I edited to add this later) I will NOT buy any books in February despite constantly getting sent coupon codes for Kobo!   I have far too many books on my reader already and need to read them before I spend on more!  This might stretch into March and April...possibly June.

It feels like I am on a lot of journeys right now, and all of them are to arrive at a single destination...a happier, slimmer, FITTER me.  I'm excited about it all!


  1. I don't know where you work, but it sounds like they are wonderful to their employees-are they hiring? ;)

  2. lol...always. We're one of the biggest employers in the province ;)


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