Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4K with feather light feet

Wore my regular shoes tonight and wow, what a difference.  I knew my trail shoes were heavier..I just didn't realize how much they dragged me down! :)  With a 4k training speed like this, I think my sub 30 min 5k might be within reach for March 17!

It was quite chilly tonight.   Chillier than I was perhaps dressed for when I started out.  But my feet felt light and I flew along the path in the dark.  Nearly had a heart attack when I encountered a big black dog by the canal about a half a kilometre in.  No owner in sight.  But he was calm and didn't chase so I kept going.

My Garmin was telling me I was in the low 6 min range so I went for another negative split.  My last Km was in 5:58!!!!!

Awesome, blossom!

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