Thursday, January 5, 2012

"They won't know why they run..."

My good friend, Anna, is fond of saying this about the twins and her own granddaughter (who is just a few months older than my girls):

"They won't know why they run, they just will."

I've always kind of laughed it off, but last night it hit home for me.  Buggie and Doodle had gotten a hold of a pack of dollar store post-it notes.  There were large yellow ones in there and Buggie peeled one off and stuck it to her chest.  She then looked at me and said "Look at me, Mommy.  I'm run run running!"  and then took off...running with her little blank yellow "race bib".   (Pardon the low-light blackberry pics)

It wasn't long before Doodle needed one too.

They get it.   And, in a few years, I may have a daughter (or two) to run with.  Or perhaps to chase since I suspect they'll be faster than me... They won't have known a life that is lived any other way.


  1. I love that! My daughter is already begging to race.

  2. My daughter is almost 3, and has been wanting to run with me ever since I took it up 6 mths ago. She was so excited to get runners recently b/c "I can run with mommy now!"

    If you want to your daughters to join you on some of the fun runs, go for some 1k walk events, which is what we did as a family for Run Santa Run and Terry Fox Run. They will feel like they are participating in a run with you!

  3. If it is nice out, I'm going to have them run with me in the Rick Hansen Relay at the end of February...I figure they probably run farther than a quarter kilometre just running around our house daily so that should be no problem for them!

  4. I love that, they are so cute with their post its! My daughter and I are doing the Rocky Mountain Soap Co. 6km together in May, that will be our first 'race' together excited :)


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