Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Race Report: 2011 Resolution Run 5K

Ya ya ya..I'm a few days late with this one.  2012 has been a busy year so far.

New Years Eve, I ran the 2011 Resolution Run 5k.  It's no secret I only run this one for the free jacket...and this year that jacket was a lovely shade of the perfect blue.

Hubby and I were in the city with the girls, interviewing a new dayhome, so we headed over to Eau Claire Market right after so we could ensure we got underground parking (See - this girlie learns from her Santa Shuffle mistake).  The twinners were asleep so the early arrival worked perfectly - we let them get in an extra half hour of snooze time while I changed into my running gear.
The weather was PERFECT!  -8C (way better than last years -20something).  All I wore was a tank under my fancy blue jacket (of course I wore tights too - don't be a perv!)  You can't really beat that for new years eve in Alberta!

Around 5:30, we met up with Mr & Mrs JS and JS's dad, Mr. L.  

Shortly after, J and her hubby showed up as well.  
Courtesy of Mr. JS
Courtesy of Mr. JS (meaning I stoled it from his Google+ feed)

My heart wasn't in the run itself - my heart hasn't really been in running at all lately -  but I ran with JS J was sticking to her hubby and their funny dog, Sally) and we gabbed about our holidays and our 2012 goals the entire way.  It was a really great chat and I think it helped us both define some of the things we wanted to change for how we race in 2012 (pace placement, races to run, training plans)!

All in all it took us around 34 minutes.   It was a great, relaxed run and in many ways it re-energized me to the idea of running in 2012.  


  1. Nice Jacket! I know what you mean about your heart not into running lately. I've been in the same slump and am hoping I zoom out of it before too long. In the meantime I am enjoying using my running time for yoga and pilates instead.

  2. Yes, sweet jacket :)! Red Deer has a Resolution Run now too ... Maybe next time I'll do it if hubby is home to watch the kidlets :).


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