Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Training Week in Review

And with that, my first full week of training for BMO Vancouver Marathon is done.   And I feel so great about it!!! I stuck to the plan - even when it meant running in the dark after the girlies were in bed.

  • Tues - 4k Tempo
  • Wed - 3k Tempo (plus 40 mins on the bike!)
  • Thurs - 4K steady
  • Sat - 7K LSD
  • Sun - 3K steady

I think the thing I like best about following the Running Room schedule for this half is that it gives me target paces for each type of run.  I admit I am a bit nervous going into this with a finish time goal, but these target paces are completely do-able for me.  

I also can't believe I ran 5 days this week!!!   That is the first time in a very long time I've done that!

A fun side effect of committing to my training plan (and starting a new job that doesn't have a yummy Good Earth in the lobby) is that I am also down on the scale!

I also made a couple of big decisions this week...

1) I am going to get some nutrition and weight loss counseling.  I have access to this through my work's wellness program and I intend to take full advantage of it.  I used to work for an employer who had a similar program and I found it very helpful.  My benefits kick in on Wednesday and I plan to contact them that morning to get things started.

2) We are finally buying a treadmill. I need it from a safety standpoint - running at night in the winter in Langdon is just not safe. and I need it from a family standpoint - I can be a much more available mom if I can just run at home. I don't particularly care for the dreadmill...but it makes sense for me to have one at home and will remove a lot of excuses from ever forming.


  1. Yea for you getting a treadmill! :)



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