Monday, January 16, 2012

In with a whimper...

January 2010 came on like a vengeance.   I had a mission and I was determined to conquer anything that stood between myself and my formerly fat self.    I was dedicated.  I was committed. (Some days my family probably came close to actually committing ME).

But I had a goal and I made real progress.

January 2011, I had experienced a couple of setbacks and had to recover some of the progress I had made, but I charged ahead.   I had the same mission and I was still kicking butt and taking names.   The first half of the year were great for weight loss...then I started marathon training and marathon gaining.

That brings us to January came in with a whimper.   It came in with despair and longing.   I had almost negated any progress that early 2011 has shown.   My pants were tight.  My shirts hung weird.  I really needed the motivation.  The drive.  The focus.

But then I got sick.  Then, my kids got sick.   Then other drama happened at home.  

The first week, I stuck to my workout goals...kind of.  I worked out 5 days of the week.

The second week I had 3 workouts...and 2 of them were titled "slow walk with family" on my calendar.   Slow walk with family, for those who can't figure it out, means walking as fast as a two year old walks while drinking some sort of warm beverage in a to-go cup.  and wearing jeans.   It's not really a workout.  Oh - and I missed my long run because it was -29C with the windchill...brrr.

So, yes.  I can make the excuse that I was sick or that life was happening and needed me elsewhere.  But really - it was laziness.   The same laziness that had me snacking in front of the TV for three nights after I said I would stop. The difference is that I DID stop after those 3 days and I feel much better for it.

I also got on the bike on Saturday and also felt much better for it.

and now I'm tired of whimpering.

Bye-bye whimper.  Hello ROAR! 

I have big news coming today or tomorrow.  As soon as I CAN post it, I will.   I am super pumped and VERY motivated now so it is time to pretend like it is January 1st again and kick my arse into gear.   2012 is going to be a great year...and I don't intend to spend it carrying around more fat that is absolutely necessary.

My Plan for the Week:

Monday: Bike 40 mins
Tuesday: Rip:60 workout (plus bike if I am feeling super motivated or have time)
Wednesday: Bike 40 mins
Thursday: Rip:60 Workout (plus bike if I am feeling super motivated or have time)
Friday: Off
Saturday: Run
Sunday: Rip:60 workout plus bike

Track all food. Stop snacking at 7pm. Drink so much water my eyeballs float.

and you all?  Stay tuned....


  1. I can't wait to hear your about when you tell me yours, i'll tell you mine ;-)

  2. What a great workout Cori! You are amazing. *applause*

  3. LOL..if only reality had played along with my lofty plans for the week...but I'm trying. Hopefully now that I've posted my news, the motivation will kick in and override all of the other crap!


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