Monday, January 2, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to my progress pic update...

I've been pretty down about 2011 and how I frittered away my weight loss until it ended up being nearly nothing (2011, I mean.  I'm still maintaining what I lost in 2010).  Looking around my workout room, my eyes immediately rest on the board where I have all of my progress pics since January 2010.   So, what do I do?  I turn that board around, hand the camera to hubby and say "Please take new pics for me.  I'm starting fresh!"

and when I pull these new pics into photoshop and start lining them up, I discover a funny thing.  They don't look terribly different from the ones that were taken in June...when I was at 52lbs lost.   Right now, sitting back up at only 35ls lost - I can't help but be smacked across the face by this.   Actually, I've kind of been bitchslapped up the face by it.

Sure, there are places that are a bit flobblier than they were in June.  I haven't been a very good girl throughout The Great Marathon Adventure of 2011 - and it shows.  But I'm not as far gone as I keep thinking I am.  As I keep seeing myself as being.

June 2011:

And now:

And exactly two years ago:

Guess it's good for me to get this perspective happening this early in the year.   I feel better already. Now to keep the momentum going!

and some more "pinspiration" for y'all:

And, yes...I realize I haven't done my recap of the Resolution Run 5k yet.  It's coming.  I've just been uber busy so far this year....


  1. Truly fabulous progress! Great job on all your hard work and dedication!

  2. I am terrible at taking progress photo's. In fact I keep meaning to take one for the start of the new year and it just hasn't happened yet.

    Great job, new year, new goals, new finish line. :)

  3. Christy - thanks. I'm hoping to be on the road to abs like yours by the end of the year..or maybe the end of my 30s :P Gotta be realistic...

    Jen - you should totally do it. It's amazing to compare them later! Pictures show your progress and alleviate your concerns much faster than living inside of a changing body and being depressed about seemingly no progress.


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