Thursday, January 12, 2012

Energy Divebomb

Holy moly - do I ever hate fighting a bug.  I mean - of course NOBODY actually LIKES to fight a bug...but I always take such pride in my ability to evade them.   I am blaming this on my slacking off on the magic multivitamins.   I thought I was out of them and couldn't get to Costco to get more so bought different ones at Superstore.  Within a week BLAMMO!  Sick.  

Luckily I found I had had a moment of genius at Costco on the last vitamin run and had actually bought a second bottle last time so I actually wasn't out of them...I'd just stored them someplace so safe that even I couldn't find them when the time came.  Regardless, now I can start seriously killing this bug and remind it how unwelcome it is in my body.

Now if only I could pump my girlies full of them too.  I'm afraid Disney Princess Gummies have nothing on Cheap Costco Prenatals.   Two girlies with flu-like symptoms is no fun.    At least they are getting it out of their systems before I start my new job and they start their new dayhome.

The downside to this bug that it has messed up my workouts this week.  I've been super weak and more than a little lazy.  I did so good the first week of the year and then NADA on the second.  Ah well - next week is another chance to succeed.  And I have some serious motivation on the near horizon (I should be able to post about it tomorrow).  

Will somebody please come to my house and remove all junk food from my pantry?  I am seriously attacking my pantry with a big black garbage bag tomorrow.   If the crap isn't in the house, I certainly can't shovel it into my face after 7, right?   Here's hoping!

So - my week has been a waste on the goals front.   Since I'll be home with the twins tomorrow, if they actually do me the favour of napping - I might get a workout in.  If not, well rumor has it I have 10K planned for Sunday...that will get me moving.

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