Friday, January 20, 2012

At last, I can share my news!

Guess who's going to Vancouver!?!?!


Ok - crazy story.   I was getting ready to go home from work last Wednesday and my Blackberry told me I had a new email.  I opened it up and got the shock of a lifetime!  BMO Vancouver Marathon was asking me to be an official Van Run Blogger at the 2012 event weekend!!!!  If I accepted, they wanted me to chronicle my training adventures and then report on my race weekend experiences!  So exciting!

I hadn't intended to run a half this spring (let alone a destination one), but with an offer like this, how could I refuse?!?!   Free event entry plus a training clinic in exchange for some words.  Words, I have plenty of.  Motivation? That's the stuff I need...and this is definitely motivation!

So, after a couple of emails and a phone call and then some paperwork...I accepted!   The weekend of May 4-6, I will be in lovely Vancouver and ready to run!

The route for the half sounds so amazing, running through many neighbourhoods that hold fond memories for me:
  • Historic Cambie Street
  • Chinatown
  • Yaletown
  • English Bay
  • Stanley Park
  • Downtown

I can already PICTURE this race!!   Good thing they gave me some notice, since it's been 5 years since I was last there and I already have a huge list of restaurants that need to feed me LOL. Better start saving my money now :)  Plus, I need to rally all of my Vancouver friends for a super cheering section!!!!

That weekend, I would also be covering the Expo and the Friendship Run.  Plenty of opportunity for adventure!  I'm in pretty good company, too, since I noticed Ben from BenDoesLife is also an official blogger!

I've already convinced JS to join me and would love to drag all of my Runner Girlies along for the fun!  Guess we'll see if it can be swung ;) Oh - and I need to talk to the weather gods to make sure the forecast isn't for rain!!!

Disclaimer:  Anything I write regarding my training adventures (both here and on my social networks) for Vancouver Half are my own thoughts and opinions and in no way reflect those of the Vancouver International Marathon Society, BMO Vancouver Marathon, or their related sponsors.   In exchange for my promoting the event weekend, I am receiving free admission into the race and an online half marathon training clinic, plus media accreditation on the event weekend, training clothing and any promotion that the marathon wishes to provide for my blog.    

Though, you all know that I would have written about my journey's just who I am and what my blog is all about!


  1. That's awesome! How did you swing that?? Did they know about your blog before?

    I'm from Vancouver as well, if I'm in town at that time, I'd cheer you on!

  2. New to your blog, congrats on blogging for the Vancouver Marathon, awesome! Dream job! Sounds like a great time.

  3. So excited for you! What great motivation :)

  4. The best I can figure is that they found me through Twitter. I keep meaning to ask, but it makes sense because Calgary Marathon retweets my posts alot.

    I'm pretty excited still. Now I just need to figure out my training plan (guess I'd better get on that)

    1. That's so awesome! I can't wait for your posts leading up to the Vancouver Marathon! :)

  5. Waving hello! I'm another one of the official bloggers. I'm training for my 2nd full in Van and had actually already planned to do both the full and the Running Room clinic when I got the offer so it was just kind of icing on the cake :) Looking forward to following your training and hopefully meeting you in May!

  6. Well hello there, amber! Welcome to my little blog. I have been reading yours since VanMarathon made the announcement yesterday and LOVE IT!!! I have just been too busy to write yet, so I am glad you popped by! I'm also looking forward to following your training adventures. Such a brave girlie you are - I did my first full last fall and am not quite ready to step back into that arena again. This will be my EIGHTH half in under 2 years! Craziness!

  7. That is seriously some exciting news!! If hubby was home that weekend I'd so come down to cheer you on :). What an amazing race that will be ... Vancouver was my first marathon, I did the couch to full marathon in four months ... Oh the pain afterwards .. Lol :). I would love to run it again :).


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