Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another 4K done!

It was such a pretty night tonight.  Fluffy clouds and a bright little sliver of moon.  I tried to take a picture to share, but my blackberry sucks in low light.

There was a 4K steady run on the training plan so, the second the girls were safely locked in their room tucked into their beds, I headed out the door.  Running up and down the streets near my house sounded like the most boring thing in the world, so I took off on my summer 4k route - a loop around town.  

Once I crossed over the highway - the roads were clear and dry.  It was like leaving Antarctica to run across California.   I would have been so much more comfortable in my regular runners - the trail shoes are overkill on dry asphalt.  

I missed my target pace of 7:19/K (as per my Running Room schedule) but wasn't far off at 7:26/k.  Slow and steady.  No walk breaks.   Then followed up with a nice calf and hamstring stretch.  All in all - a very nice run.


  1. I'll have to take a look back at the RR schedules...I didn't realize that they included target paces. I always just completed the distances...I could probably use the targeted pace goals.

  2. On the PDF schedules I have, the target paces are listed along the bottom. I figure that with a goal of 2:15 for this race - it would be a good idea to take the medicine as prescribed :)

  3. I hope to run that far one day. :) I'm on week 4 of the Couch25k program and loving it so far! :)


  4. You'll get there. C25K is an amazing program! It's how I learned to run back in 2010!


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