Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workout Wednesday: Five Days a Week

That was how the first two weeks in December went for me.  Working out 5 days a week.  I was going strong and then SPLAT!  Flat on my face.   Not literally, of course, but might as well have been.   Suddenly life happened and I was off course again.   Everyday, I made fitness goals that went un-met.  I set diet goals that got ignored.   It was not a pretty sight.

December is a hard month to stick to a diet.  I'm merely stating the obvious here, but it really is.  I don't even have the temptations of many of the dishes that derail other folks.  There is no turkey on my plate at all of the holiday parties.  I don't care much for cookies and squares.  The chocolate boxes draw me in and that does it for my dieting.  But you'd think I could stick to a little thing like 5 days a week.   5 hours.  That's it for a whole week!   Yet last week, I only worked out once...and for 22 minutes as I fit in a 3K run.   Sad.

But life happens and last week I had to accept that I was busy.  Busy with holiday preparations and appointments and extra work.  Busy with toddlers hanging on my every limb.   Busy picking up and redecorating my tree.  

December just needs more hours in a day.  Every day.  Instead, those days get shorter and shorter and shorter. Today is the shortest day of the year and while I keep telling myself that I have the same number of hours, it just doesn't feel that way.  

So, how does one motivate themselves in the dark and cold of winter to keep going.  To look past the busy-ness and still fit in a workout?  Because, heck, my diet maybe going all to hell, but I should at least be able to counteract some of it by moving more.

How do you keep moving in the winter? Where do you look for motivation?

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