Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today's Goals - Dec 8

Today I will:
  • Run at lunch
  • Eat better
  • Try to bike in the evening
  • Try to keep calm

Yesterday was a trying day.   It was a PD Day for my department and I was training all afternoon so could not afford to miss the, of course, at 2:30 am we had our first toddler dental emergency.   Doodle got out of bed, tripped and fell...and knocked one of her top front teeth out of alignment.   Blood everywhere, screamoing child, and our only eyewitness was a 2.5 year old who told us "[Dood] fawl down, bonk teef"  Super helpful and obvious.

I felt like a terrible mom because I couldn't call in an absence.  Instead hubby (who is a contractor) had to take a day off and dealw ith it while his work was rapid-firing tasks to his blackberry.  I felt terrible. But Dood's okay.  She was a trooper at teh dentist and unfortunatley nothing could be done for her without potentially affecting her permanent teeth.   We just have to hope the blood supply to the tooth wasn't compromised and accept that she will have a crooked grin now.  At least she isn't a toothy smiler.

This emergency affected my overall day. I was emotionally exhausted and worried all day (my apologies to those who attended my sessions - not that you're reading this anyway). I ate well, considering lunch was provided for us.  Since I was up at 2:30, I was too exhausted to even think of getting on the bike in the evening.  and I admit I did get a bit snacky in the evening (but it won't happen again because I ate the last of our dwindling junk supply).

Today, I will just need to do better.

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