Monday, December 5, 2011

Today's Goals - Dec 5

Today I will:
  • Run at lunch (have a new running buddy at work)
  • Bike in the evening
  • pushups and crunches
  • eat better.  much better.
Yesterday, I wasn't so good except on 2 fronts.   I spent the day holiday shopping with Buggie and my MIL.   Fun day.  No, really it was.   One check mark.   The other was on the weigh in.

<insert drum roll here>

I lost 3lbs last week!!!!

As for the bike and the rest...I didn't do so hot.   I was exhausted from carrying around a 30lb toddler all day and hardly sleeping last night.   Then I got snacky in the evening.  

It's ok.  I'm not dwelling.  I am going to relax and do better today.

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