Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today's Goals - Dec 14

Today I will:
  • Finish my contract work
  • If I finish it - I will hop on the bike (I hate stipulating that, but I have a deadline and sometimes life interrupts the ol' workout)
Yesterday, I did super good on the not eating out.  Not so hot on the not buying chocolates at Costco part, but I didn't put that in my goals so I can't say I cheated on my goals.  Just kidding.  I ended up with my face in my laptop until too late so working out didn't happen either, but I accept that.  I will double up my workouts a couple of days to make up for it after this job is done.

Sometimes that's just the way it goes.  

On the up note - the doctor told me today that my daughters are hitting all of their 3 year milestones.  Sounds like they are exceeding in a few places since the doctor was more than a little surprised on a few points.   Yep - I'm raising little if I can just make them super nerdy, I won't need to worry about dating woes in a few years...

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