Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Todays Goals - Dec 13

Today I will:
  • Bike - 40 mins
  • Don't eat out for any meals!
  • READ!  Good Reads is telling me I started The Magician King 45 days ago!  I don't think it's ever taken me 45 days to read ANY book EVER!!!!   Nov/Dec has just been too busy!
Yesterday I ate every meal out - NOT GOOD.  I've got to curb that.  I want to eat healthier but when I am short on time, all that intention goes out the window.   Yesterday was one of those days.  I did, however, keep myself away from that second cup of coffee.  Very proud about that, even though it wasn't on the ol' goals list.

I did get my run in, but not the 5K I had intended.   I started the run out of Eau Claire at 3:35 and the temperature kept dropping steadily (in fact, driving home after the run, we watched the temperature drop 11 degrees between Calgary and Langdon - craziness).  I hadn't brought enough running clothes with me to stay out for longer than I did so I am happy to have gotten in the 3K I did.   Just the loop from Eau Claire to 10 Street and back.  The paths were so peaceful that time of day.  

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