Thursday, December 22, 2011

This WEEK's goals - the week before Christmas edition

Ok - somebody dropped the ball here...oh WAIT!  It's me.  Doy <smacking self upside head>

Yes - I'm sure you've noticed I'm being less annoying this week.  It hasn't been intentional...lemme tellya.  I've just been incredibly busy and keep forgetting to post my daily goals (bet you're counting down the days until the year ends and I stop it, right?)

Back to the busy part...aside form trying to prepare for the holiday this weekend...I had career stuff happening too.  I accepted a great new job with a different company earlier this week that has meant the whole cycle of informing everyone began.  Those conversations are seldom short.  Plus - the job is located WAAAAY far away from my current office so I have had many many adjustments to figure out.   This line of thinking has only just begun so I am not looking forward to the next few weeks until it all falls into place for us.

As for goals.   I am aiming for 3 days of workouts this week.   I biked on Tuesday and hoped to run at noon today but accidentally forgot my running gear at home. So it will be bike today and tomorrow to make up the goal.

I also have a reading goal - to finish the awesomely funny book I started a couple of days ago.  It's called "The Great Fitness Experiment: My Year of Trying Everything" and I am really enjoying it thus far.  I'll review it in a couple of weeks for y'all!

So hopefully this weekly goal list cuts it...I'm cutting myself a fair bit of slack this week with the intention of using my week off next week to really attack any damage the holidays have wrought on me ;)

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