Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stunned Santa Pic #3

2011 - Bass Pro Shops.   They were so excited to go see HO-HO...but you'd never know it from the stunned expressions (these facial expressions seem to be standard for Santa visits)

case in point...last year's pic...

and the year before:

At least they weren't screaming like a third of the other kids were...or like Doodle was in our Family pics this year...


  1. Those pics are awesome! Stunned is better than unhappy - which all of my daughter's were last year!

    How was the lineup there? We haven't taken any good, professional mall Santa pics yet, but I heard the lineups here aren't bad at all!

  2. 3 years in a row, they have been manageable. There are loads of activities too, so if both parents go - one can take kiddo to the activities and the other can hold the line. I think we waited longest this year and maybe 20 mins at that. It was the first time we went on a weekend, though. Weeknights are typically really quiet.

  3. Wow, that's fantastic!! One of my mom friends told me her friend waited 2 hrs (tho not all in a lineup) at Market Mall the first week of Dec. on a Thursday morning!!! I hope we'll make it there for pics before daughter is a bit sick right now and really doesn't want to deal with Santa....


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