Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolution Flashback 2011

So, here we are.  The last day of 2011.   It was a good - nay great - year in so many ways.

  • ran 5 half marathons, 3 -10K, 1-14K that was supposed to be a 10K, 3-5K and a full marathon
  • ran a full frickin marathon...on my own!!!  And this one wasn't even on the radar at the start of the year!
  • ended the year 10lbs lighter than I started it - even though that was really shy of my goal
  • am 45lbs lighter than I started 2010
  • returned to work and learned that the word balance has new meaning to me
  • set new personal bests while battling all-time lows
  • had all kinds of great adventures with hubby and the girlies
  • learned a lot

It was a great year and now it is time for a little flashback to January when I told y'all what my intentions for 2011 were:

New Years Resolutions - the 2011 edition

1) Lose 25 more pounds (hopefully before we go to Mexico so I won't scare small children on the beach in my bathing suit) 

nope. I was soooo close.  In June I was only 6lbs from my goal, but ended up gaining 15lbs during marathon training

2) Aim for one race each month

You betcha...tonight's Resolution Run will make 13!!!

3) Eat less junk food and aim for good nutrition 75% of the time. (c'mon - I KNOW I won't meet 100%)

Nope - I ate a whole lotta crap

4) De-clutter our home considerably.  If we don't use it - we lose it.

Yep! Even though it doesn't look like it, the house is a lot lighter than when we started

5) Work on my posture.   I know I will look considerably slimmer if I just improve that.

I think so.  I walked with alot more confidence this year, especially when I decided to return to work and had 2 years off I had to prove weren't wasted time!

6) Be able to do pushups on my toes like a big girl.   100 Pushups app will be my best friend.

Yes! I can do 25 pushups on my knees with decent form.  I can do 5 half-assed on my toes, but I couldn't do any on my toes in January.

7) Edit my Nano Novel

You betcha!   I spent November revising and editing and adding to my NaNo novel.  Now I just need to finish it all over again since it took an arc that required more writing!

8) Complete at least one university course for my degree

Nope.  No time between working full time and being a mom...I gained new respect for single moms who return to school.  I did do some professional development, though, and will get back to my degree courses as soon as I can.

9) Download Garmin at least once a week

Yeppers!  In fact - I returned to Daily Mile and this encouraged me to connect my Garmin after EVERY run so it was always current!

I'd say that's a pretty successful year!   My goals were always in mind and I was able to stick to most of them and succeed!

Stay tuned tomorrow for the 2012 edition of my goals!

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