Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Race Wish List 2012

I guess it's time to start thinking about the ol' race wishlist for 2012. I am not going into this year thinking about a specific number of races I want to do...I am just going to race the ones I actually WANT to race and see if I can't smash a few PRs in the meantime.
  • March 17: Calgary Road Runners St. Patricks Day 5K - Registered!
  • March 24: Run for L'Arche 8K (why run a half when they give you a medal for the 1K!  8K at least shows I am trying..plus it will be an instant PR since I have never raced 8K before)
  • May 5: The Big Run 10K - Registered!
  • May 13: Forzani Mother's Day 5K - just waiting for registration to open! and, yes, I'll have a team again this year!
  • May 27: Calgary Marathon 10K - just waiting to see the route change before I leap on this one.
I also thought I might want to do the Police 5K again at the end of April, but now that I see this years shirts are white, I am having second thoughts.

So, this list only takes me to June.  I am trying to figure out the rest of my year from there.   I might do Edmonton Marathon 10K again.  I'm also thinking of maybe doing a Fall half, but want it to be a good one with decent swag.

To prepare for my spring races, I will be training alongside JS as she prepares for her first marathon in June.  I wish I knew right now that I could join her in Seattle, but without knowing if hubby is getting renewed at his job, it makes long term travel plans impossible.  Having a training plan will be super nice, though.   It will give me something to help build my endurance again.

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