Monday, December 26, 2011

MOMday: Airdrie Festival of Lights

For years, I've wanted to head out to Airdrie for the Festival of Lights, but something has always come up and we've never made it.  This year, with 2 toddlers who are obsessed with "kistmist lightssss" - we knew it had to be a priority.

So, last Sunday night, we bundled ourselves off to Airdrie.

The magic began just a few moments after we left our car.  The girls were so excited about the lights they could see but as soon as Buggie saw the giant Waki-waki (her word for Penguin that has been picked up by everyone I know) at the entrance...we knew her night was made.   Such a grin when he/she held onto Bugs arms so we could take a picture.

It was around -8C the night we went so we had the girls bundled in snowsuits.  I wish us adults had worn boots since it was a little cold on the tootsies.  It is fairly easy to navigate the park, as there is a path that meanders through with colourful lighted arches along the way to guide you along.  There are also train rides, but the lines were a little long for our girlies to wait.  So we walked.  The girls were just thrilled to see all of the different lights and told us what they were as we walked around.  

After we'd walked the circuit of the park, we headed into the heated tent to watch some carolers and each of the girlies got a gift bag (which they proudly carried back to the car despite them being quite heavy).  There was also free hot chocolate but we didn't bother to go find it.   And the bonfire outside the tent felt wonderful to my frozen toes!

It was such a nice way to spend an evening. Highly recommended.

The lights are on from 6-9 pm daily until December 31st. Free admission, but they do accept donations (I dropped $20 in the jug - it was totally worth it) Definitely take advantage of it and head out for a fun filled evening!

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  1. Oh, fun stuff! I think we might go tomorrow night, we haven't been yet this year, and we missed out last year!


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