Friday, December 9, 2011

For my feet, this winter

I did it!  After talking about it for a year, I finally went out and bought myself a pair of trail running shoes.   When I was at MEC earlier in the week, I saw that last season's Asics Gel-Trabuco 13 shoes were on clearance for $109.  I hemmed and hawed and didn't pick them up but after hemming and hawing a bit more at home, I decided to bite the bullet.  I want to have trail shoes for winter and for any trail races I might do next summer and this was a better price than I was finding anywhere else (including online).

So, today I went back with the thought that as long as they had them in size 11 and they felt good on, I would get them.  I figured it was a long shot that a pair of 11s would still be in stock, but you never know.  I asked the guy int eh shoe department and he came back shortly with my size.

"You are so lucky" he said to me "It was all size 7s and then one pair of 11s"

SCORE!  They fit.  They are super comfortable.  They are NOT pink.   I think my legs and feet will thank me this winter...


  1. Hooray for new shoes that aren't pink! I hope you like them! I love my asics!

  2. Check out because their prices and shipping are reasonable to Canada.

  3. Im definitely an asics gal. My cumulus are awesome so i cant wait to try them tomorrow.

    Christine - thanks for the heads up on see jane run. I don't usually order from the states but i see alot on their site i could treat myself too.

  4. How did the trail shoes go today? :) I am thinking of getting bras from See Jane Run later on because you can get bulk discounts LOL.

  5. They felt just like my other asics. The path was too clear to really know how they'd be in the snow, but I am happy with the fit and cushioning. It's nice to have a pair of trail shoes, since I've been wanting/needing a pair for about a year now.


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