Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Workout Wednesday: One Month After

Today marks one month since I ran my marathon.  ONLY. ONE. MONTH.  That's insanity!  It feels like it was a year ago!

So, where am I one month later?  Well, the weight I gained during training is finally coming off...slowly.  My motivation to work out at all is really weak.   I just can't bring myself to do it and I am suddenly so busy in all aspects of my life that I am too tired (there's the catch-22, because I realize it might help with my energy level if I did it).   I'm swamped at work.  I'm swamped at home.  Adding an extra person to the household has been much more draining than I expected it would be.    I'm swamped with kid stuff and with dealing with my "spirited" child.  

I have run exactly 3 times.  3K, 5K and 8K.   Working my way up again to maintain a base, I suppose.  I don't have a real race in the near future - just the Resolution Run on New Years, though I am thinking I should do a Christmas fun run again...maybe the Santa Shuffle.  Anyone in?  I need a race on the horizon to keep me moving forward.  Next year may be the year I strive to excel at the 10K distance.

I haven't spent as much time thinking over my marathon experience.  People (runner friends) keep asking me if I am going to maintain my pre-marathon position of never doing another full.  Honesty time? I have kind of softened on that but I know if I do another it will have a list of unbreakable conditions:

1) It has to be HUGE!  A New York.  A Rock & Roll. A London.  Something that is an absolutely GINORMOUS marathon because I never want to be completely alone on a race course ever again. And I want race swag.   Okanagan had nothing. 

2) I will train and run it with a friend - again, NEVER running that distance alone again.

3) I'd have a better spectaor plan.  Missing all of my spectators for the entire race (hubby excluded) really sucked.  I thought we had set something up clearly but apparently we hadn't because it never happened.  That totally sucked.

4) I'd be clearer with what I actually wanted.   When I signed up for Okanagan, there were lots of people who were going to come out and run the half to support me while I did the full.  As the race approached, they dropped away one by one and I pretended to be okay with it.  It sucked.   I should stop pretending I don't care because it never benefits me.

5) Tied to a cause.   Nike was a real experience for me last year.  Not only because it was huge but because it had so much more meaning than anything I had done since.  I think if I do another full, I'll do it for a charity again so I can have a stronger connection to it than I did to Okanagan. 

6) I would train properly.  because I didn't for this one. and it showed.

7) My daughters will be significantly older.  Because it's crazy to work full time and train for a marathon when you have two toddlers.  INSANITY!

In the end, my marathon was just 42.2K (26.2 miles).  I wasn't emotional crossing the finish line - I was just relieved it was over.   I didn't even feel a huge sense of accomplishment...and I should have.  It IS an accomplishment to just finish.  But as many times as I have feigned pride - I don't really feel it.  I feel like it could have just been a better overall experience if I'd done it differently.

So there is me - frankly being more honest than I have been throughout the past month.  Sorry if I lied to your face, but it was what it was and this is where I really am.  


  1. Wow...After your schedule slows down we really should meet up for coffee sometime. I feel so many of the same things as you do about the marathon-i'm still very lukewarm about the whole thing. I can't bring myself to say "I ran a marathon" because i don't feel i did. I'm glad i did it, but the experience wasn't at all what i was hoping for.

  2. We should. It would be good to commiserate with someone who went through the same thing :)

  3. Then it's a date! When you have some time on a weekend morning we should really meet up. Just let me know when it's good for you (absolutely no rush) and i will make myself available :)

  4. Glad to hear you softened on your position! I was toying with Victoria or Kelowna, and I am going to run Victoria next year. Although the couse is undulating, I've heard the course support is amazing, and they had alot of finishers, even after the 5hr mark. Like you, I don't want to be lonely on the course either, so I think this one is a good choice. And I've heard they have good schwag! I want to tie it into a charity, but details are yet to work out! I've been bad at blogging, will put my last two race recaps on there asap. If you are ever looking for an awesome race experience, I just finished the Hamilton Half Marathon and it was AMAZING. Best race experience yet (although scenery from Edge2Edge was hard to beat). Went to Niagara Falls right after the race, had a phenomenal time. Hamilton totally knows how to put on an amazing event.


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