Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Ok - my Dear Food Diary week was a good test for me.  I've decided not to continue it a) because I am so darn busy that my mind is just elsewhere right now and b) just looking at all of those photos of the food I eat made me realize I have a whole bunch of work to do on reinventing my diet.  I didn't want to look at those pictures so I can't imagine you did either.   Healthy Tipping Point, I am not.

Also, being onto the second week of NaNoWriMo,I am going to scale back my daily word count updates and just do them here weekly.  You can always follow the day to day saga on Twitter  I will still impart the nuggests of wisdom I discover as I go, though, since other Wrimos might find them helpful as they stumble along through butchering their novels this week (I only speak form my own experience - your novel may well be perfect)

So your feed readers won't be as clogged by me now :)  you're welcome!

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