Thursday, November 10, 2011

Interesting Body Image Website

I was flipping through my most recent edition of Fitness magazine (for around the hundredth time), I suddenly noticed an article I had missed.  It talked about a new website that had been started that was geared towards being realistic about how you actually look.   Most women tend to overestimate their actual size (not talking clothing sizes here) and this site gives a place where women of varying heights and weights can enter their measurements and see other women that size to gain perspective about themselves.

I waffle back and forth about my own body image.  Some days I think I look humongous.  Others, I feel teeny tiny.  My own impression of my body is seldom positive, though I have come to see areas that I like and try to focus on those instead of the ones I hate.  It's been much healthier for me to think this way, instead of always obsessing about what I want to change.

I really liked this website.  By entering my height and weight, I saw photos of women of all different shapes and it showed me that I am "normal".  I probably don't look fat to other people and I likely don't look stick thin.  It was nice to read the stories that accompanied the photos, where people talked about their own insecurities and comforts around their bodies.

The site is great as a reference point, as you can see women with similar builds to yourself as you set your own weight loss goals.   It is still a new site so there is not a huge database of photos yet, but it is growing and they allow you to upload your own photos as well (you get the option to conceal your identity when you do - most have black lines across the faces).  I will probably be adding my own photo over the weekend.

Check it out:

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