Monday, November 28, 2011

Early Start on December

I'm getting the impression that Ia m not the only one doing this.  December doesn't actually get here until Thursday but I have been treating today as though it were December first.   I have this overwhelming need to just have November be done so I can refocus myself onto getting healthy and fit again.

First, I have a couple of confessions to make. 

Confession #1
I'm not going to meet my NaNoWriMo goal this year.   Sure, I was just editing and adding.  Sure, I did make almost 25,000 words added to my manuscript.  But also true - this is HALF of what I had hoped.  I just didn't expect working full time to be as much of a hinderance to writing as it has been.   I have been up at 4am almost every day all month PLUS spending every lunch hour in the cafe in my building.  I've written A LOT!   But not enough.  So, I don't get my naNo hoodie this year.  I've readjusted my writing goal to be 30,000 words (I think I can manage another 5000 words in November).  My book, however, will not be done.  I am going to dedicate myself to writing a couple of days a week until I can wrap it up without sacrificing every minute of my life to it.  Maybe by the end of the year or early into 2012, I will be able to call it done.

Confession #2
I have totally let myself go this month and the scale is screaming at me to put a stop to it.   In all honesty - I've kind of let myself go since my marathon.  I've barely worked out at all this month - just a couple of runs.  I'm at 171lbs.  Some of that might be hormonal because the number has been fluctuating between 168 and 171 for a few days now.  I'm realistic, but I'm also disgusted with myself.   Worst of all, in the last week, I've felt parts of my body start to feel like they have given up.   The thighs feel flobblier.  The tummy doesn't hold itself in as nicely.   I'm falling apart and it's my own damn fault because I haven't stayed dedicated.  This is the biggest reason I need december to start early.  I'm just hoping I don't fall too short of my end of the year goal.

Ok - now that I have those off my chest - I can move forward and just get back on track.   I bought myself a ginormous whiteboard at Costco that I am going to mount in my workout room tonight.  This will be my goal board.   I'll write that nasty horrible number at the top and work at bringing it waaaay down before the end of the year.  I'll also litter it with motivational stuff.

My fitness goals for December are to get back ont he bike and to add in some strength training.  Minimum 4 days a week.  Preferably 5-6.  

I am also hoping to rein in my eating, but that might be hard with the holidays upon us.  I'll do my best, though.  My eating has been completely terrible since my MIL has moved in.  When someone else is cooking for me and I am not carefully checking ingredients and knowing th calorie counts - I just find it impossible to keep up with tracking.   I am also drinking too much coffee and the way I like my coffee means extra calories there as well.   So this month, I need to get the food back on track.  I already forgive myself for the upcoming family holiday meals.  It's one day - I'll move on after that.  I am not a baker so there won't be cookies in the house.  I just need to avoid the boxes of chocolates (um - I may  have brought 2 into the house yesterday) but this is do-able.  I will track onestly in My Fitness Pal and we'll see how it goes. 

I doubt I'll hit my weight loss goal by dec 31, but we never know.   I'd just like to see a big dent.

It's been a while since I checked in on my new years resolutions so I suppose I should do that now...

1) Lose 25 more pounds

I'm down only 7 lbs right now.  Not ggood, considering I was at 156 in june....

2) Aim for one race each month

Still holding strong.  I will actually hit 13 races by the end of the year and I am registered in teh Santa Shuffle fun run this weekend.

3) Eat less junk food and aim for good nutrition 75% of the time. (c'mon - I KNOW I won't meet 100%)

I'd rather not talk about it.  

4) De-clutter our home considerably.  If we don't use it - we lose it.

Still in progress :)  Adding another adult to our house has made me realize we still have too much stuff - though I have made HUGE progress this year.   The basement justneeds a little help.  and possibly some storage shelving....

5) Work on my posture.   I know I will look considerably slimmer if I just improve that.

Again - don't want to talk about it, but I do fix it if I catch myself.

6) Be able to do pushups on my toes like a big girl.   100 Pushups will be my best friend.

Um...failing miserably.  I think I will work on this this month.

7) Edit my Nano Novel

Considerable progress since last update.  I've edited almost all of what I wrote last year and have added 23,000 words to the manuscript this month.

8) Complete at least one university course for my degree

No :(  But I have been taking several professional development courses.   Working 35hours a week plus being a mom has just not been conducive to getting my university hat on.

9) Download Garmin at least once a week

Now that I have the new garmin, I don't even need to think about it.   I just put it near my computer and it loads automatically.  

So maybe I'm not failing as miserably as I think I am.   I've managed to keep my resolutions somewhat on track this year.   I just haven't come as far as I would have liked becasue my life has changed dramatically this year.   I guess I just need to adjust my thinking accordingly.

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