Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Food Diary: Nov 5

A combination of good and bad choices today...

First - a plain bagel and PB to fuel pre-run

Then an 8K kinda run with JS.  I say "kinda" because we walked a chunk of it thanks to my laziness, the icy paths and the nagging knee discomfort I was having.

Then a latte and a cranberry blondie that I forgot to snap a pic of.

I ran some errands around the city then came home and made myself nachos with salsa and guac for late lunch/snackie.  Buggie helped me with these so I didn;t eat the entire plate and probably only got half the guac.

and some chocolate covered craisins.  I have no clue how much of this bag I ate since the twins helped me through it.  I'm going to guess I ate half...

Then there were Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna rolls for dinner.  The photo shows a bun too, but I assure you that I only got a single, small bite of it because the twins confiscated it for their own nourishment.

Then I gnawed on a tootsie roll for evening snack.

Good thing I ran.  And good thing I took a picture of the craisins or I may have forgotten to add them to My Fitness Pal...

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