Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas with Toddlers

The twins are at an age now where they are recognizing the icons that come with the holidays.   Halloween was insane with the word "PUNKINS" being screamed at the sight of anything even slightly orange coloured.   Now with Christmas upon us - it is all about the "Ho Hos"  

"Look mommy - ho ho kistmist lights"
"Look mommy ho ho"
"Look mommy - ho ho kistmist tree"
"Look mommy - waki wakis" (waki Wakis are penguins - not sure where it came from but it's super cute)
"Look mommy.  Ho ho kistmist balls.  HUGE kistmist balls"
"Look mommy. MOMMY!  Listen!.  Ho Ho snow mans"

and yes - everything is always preceded by "Look mommy"  I am constantly acknowledging the kistmist - er, Christmas - stuff.

On Saturday night, we decided to indulge them with a walk to look at Christmas lights (there may have been the ulterior motive of the fresh air knocking them out so they'd sleep in their big girl beds). They loved wandering the neighbourhood int he dark, looking at the early light displays.  Of course, now when the sun goes down I hear:

"Mommy. Walk? Kistmist lights?"

Then, on Sunday, we took them to the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market.  Of course, it was Hurricane season in Calgary so we had to battle strong winds to get there and then felt as though the tents were going to blow away with us inside.   But it was good - we went to see "Ho Hos reindeers" and wandered the stalls looking at the gifty things.  Doodle spent a good 15 minutes telling me what everything in one of the tchotkes stands was.   She's a shopper - that one.

To build on their excitement, I decided that Grey Cup time was as good a time as any to haul the tree out of storage and set 'er up.  Hubby said that was fine with him as long as we stayed clear of the TV :P

I did the actual assembling and lights on the tree and then handed Doodle and Buggie their little baggie of ornaments that are their own.  In no time, they were putting them all on the tree.   Then they tore into the other ornaments and splashed those across the branches...everything super concentrated in the bottom 2 feet.  I had to be super quick to get the really special ones out of their hands and onto branches far from their reach.

Doodle, ever the perfectionist, was really concentrated on those lower branches and before long my MIL figured out what she was doing.

"She's matching the ornaments" she laughed.

Sure enough - Dood had gone through the ornaments and was putting the ones that were the same onto the same branch (she really likes memory games so this is no big surprise).  

All in all, though, the decorating exercise was a success.   We only broke a couple ornaments (none of them super special and all of them easily fixable).  The girlies felt super involved in the decorating and it was nice to have some enthusiasm in decorating the tree because I usually do it alone.   No way are we putting the presents under it, though.  I'm brave, but I'm not stupid.  I am just hoping they will be content to look - not touch - the tree for the rest of the season!   

Our next adventure? This weekend we will take them for their Ho Ho photos (er, I mean Santa).  Might as well get them while they're excited.  I just hope Doodle doesn't start talking about "Scary Ho Hos" again like after we went to the Enchanted Forest.

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