Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

For the girlies first Halloween, they were 5 months old and we opted to not dress them up or take them out.  Last year, we dressed them up and took them to the mall and a couple of friends.

This year was THE year.  The year we were going to turn them loose on the streets of Langdon.

Doodle was a monkey

and Buggie was a Veggie Burger

It took a couple of houses before they really got the hang of it, but once they "got it" nothing was gonna stop them.

Buggie REALLY loved it.  The downside was when she told me she liked going for "walks" as she was running to the next house to beg for candy! Something tells me other walks just warn't going to be the same for her...

We did our crescent and the close at the end of it and the girls got quite the haul out of it. 

Unfortunately, it was a trillion times busier than any other year so a bunch of their candy had to go into our bin to give back out to the kids coming to the house (I think we got close to 100 kids this year - the biggest year we had before that was 40 - so we were understandably under-prepared).  No big deal as we'd prefer the girls to not have so much junk food anyway.

and that, my friends, was our little halloween :)

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