Monday, October 24, 2011

This Week's Plan

Remember this guy?

My lovely Rip:60 suspension trainer that I bought a few months ago? The one I used all of once all summer?  Yep - that's the one.

Well, tonight I am going to be starting a rotation with him.   He's going to kick my ass and leave me for dead, but my goal is to use him 3 times a week to get myself pointed in the right direction again.  

So, here is my super simple workout schedule for the foreseeable future.

Monday - Rip:60
Tuesday - Bike
Wednesday - Rip:60
Thursday - Bike
Friday - Rip:60
Saturday - Run
Sunday - Off

I am also going to focus on eating better.   Luckily we're almost out of Halloween candy so that should be easier to do now :P  

Last week, I lost 2 lbs so I must be on the right track (regardless of the Halloween candies).  Just have to keep plugging away at it and by the new year, I'll have a new body :)

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