Sunday, October 16, 2011

Run, Run, Runner Girlies!!!

Today, my runner girlies and a couple of my other running buddies are running Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco.  To say that I wish I were there to cheer them on is an understatement.

A year ago, we ran it together (well, at the same time anyway since I got separated)  This was us at the start line (really bad self-portrait):

This year, I am thankful for technology so I can feel like I'm there.  I can cheer them on through email and text.  I can check in through BBM.  Most of all, though, I can check in on them with the Nike Women's Live Updates site!  I LOVE THIS!!!

It tells me when they crossed the start line and what times they hit certain points on the course.  Unfortunately, it also tells me when they are struggling - but I have BBM to check in and provide support.

I may not be there in person to cheer form the sidelines (because it is soooo unlikely I would tackle those hills again anytime soon) - but this is a close second!

Run, Run - Runner Girlies! (the twinners lent me their pom poms for the occasion!)

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  1. It's always good to be there for friends to cheer them on! Glad you got the next best thing. Wish I could find more P90X people to cheer me on!


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