Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Official Photos: BMO Okanagan Marathon 2011

Now for the official race photos.  Not great.  I did buy them because this is my only marathon.   My particular favourites are the ones where I stumbled upon a photographer while chowing down on fig newtons….

They are all out of order here - obviously.   The photos aren't great but I think they capture the day fairly well and, since this is going to be my only marathon, I did buy them.   I have hubby for pretty, artsy photos.  These can be the functional ones that tell the real story.

and I really need a new pose for race photos.  Thumbs up is good for a half, but after the 10th photog in a full - it looks a bit tired.


  1. You took some great photos - way to go!!!

  2. Great job smiling in some of the pictures! Not always easy to do :)


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