Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nervous Energy

Going Crazy, here...

Well, it's Wednesday.  4 days to go til Marathon day. and I am officially full of nervous energy.   Compounding this is that I am trying to rest as much as possible so I can hopefully kick a couple of naggy twinges before Sunday.  I WANT to work out and work out hard. Run till I'm gasping for air and can't run anymore.  Bike till my butt falls off.  You name it...but I am holding myself back. and it is driving me crazy. 

Luckily, I'm holding it together.  Rest and stretching.  Relax.  Deep breathe.  Try to not focus on the crazy thoughts.  Dream about what to buy at the marathon expo (because, YES. I WILL be shopping).  Tonight I will pack my running bag and start packing the rest of the family.  Tomorrow, I'll get the dog stuff ready to go to the boarder on Friday morning.

I feel like I should have booked a few extra days off this week because I am very busy there and my brain isn't able to handle both things being on my mind...

But I guess the best part of this whole nervousness thing is that I'm more excited than terrified.   and that's a good thing.

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