Monday, October 31, 2011

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow!!!!

Holy hannah!  It's suddenly here!  My book is about to get the attention it deserves...

So, what are my goals around NaNo this year?

1) to add and edit necessary content - this is going to be a long slog.  I figure my book will close to double in size by the end of the month

2) To not eat my weight in peppermint patties like I did last year

and how will I ever find the time to write while working, being a mom, finding time to work out, celebrating all of the November birthdays (including my own) and completing the majority of the courses toward a marketing certificate?

Good question.   I think the best plan for fitting this in is going to be getting up early to write in the mornings.  I can probably haul my butt out of bed at 4 to get some writing in.   My lunch hours at work are likely also going to be reserved for writing.   My laptop will be travelling with me A LOT this month.

Evenings will be for my workouts.   The rest will just need to fit in around the edges.

Now - what if I can't do it?  When I did NaNo last year - I was a stay at home mom with super-nappers.   I locked myself away and got the writing done.

I think the most important goal for myself this month will be to do what I can and accept the rest.  I'm not really looking to be a NaNo "winner" this year.  I just want to know that I put in my best effort to do some writing and get my novel into a position where I can start thinking it's publishable.  I'll likely struggle with the balance of it all, but I do have helpers around the house and it is only for one month.

So, wish me luck.  Tomorrow at 4am, I'll be up with my coffee and my laptop.


  1. Good for you! I keep wanting to get up earlier than the girls to get things done (writing) in the morning but I'm still up and down all night nursing so have been putting it off. I'm looking forwards to hearing how it goes getting up at 4 a.m. this month.

  2. I did it today, though I lost time fumbling around for coffee and by the time I really got lost in the was suddenly past the time I needed to be in the shower :) I think this week will be for tweaking, but the morning session seems to work ok. It's harder to write over lunch at work.


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