Thursday, October 6, 2011

Me and Steve Jobs

It was a beautiful fall afternoon in Cupertino.  Hubby and I were spending our 8th anniversary touring Silicon Valley and taking pictures of ourselves with all of the big players that meant anything to us - Google, Tesla, EBay and, of course, Apple.  We hit 1 Infinite Loop near the end of the day so we could spend lots of time hanging out on the campus and buying ourselves lots of Apple logoed merchandise from the Apple Company Store.

A perfect anniversary date for a couple of Mac-obsessed graphic and web designers, right?   After all, our house is almost like a shrine to Apple.   We have owned something like 10 iPods in various models since they were released.  Hubby has had a iPhone and an iPad since immediately after they became available to Canada.  I used a HUGE chunk of the proceeds from the sale of my first house to buy my first Mac - a ginormous G4 tower...a purchase I never ever regretted and that introduced me to how much nicer it is to work on a computer with a simple and elegant interface.  We've had G4 towers, G5 towers, MacBook Pros, iMacs, Apple TV, .mac accounts, iWork, iLife, almost all of the Pixar movies...let's just say our house is a shrine to Apple...and to its evangelist.  It's almost a religion.

So that beautiful fall day, we stepped out of the company store with our bags of goodies and walked over to one of the signs to snap some photos.  Hubby turned his head toward the building and then hissed to me "It's STEVE!"

My head quickly spun around (with hubby hissing at me to show a little subtlety) and, sure enough, sitting casually on a bench was the man himself.  Steve Jobs.  Deep in conversation with what I can only presume was another employee.  

He looked thin.  Thin to the point where I questioned if it was really him - though his expressiveness gave him away. The black turtleneck and jeans were there too.  An employee walking by came up to us and whispered "Yes - it's really Steve Jobs" so I guess my attempt at subtlety was a failure.

Hubby and I debated whether or not to approach him for a photo opportunity.   After all - it might be the only time we'd ever see him in person and missing out would mean the moment would be forever lost.  It was the nagging feeling that approaching him might mean interrupting something important - what if he was brainstorming how to make one of his ideas a reality and our interruption might mean the next great thing never coming to market...

Instead, I occupied myself taking covert photos of him.  You know, pretending to shoot the entrance and shifting at the last minute to capture him in the shot.   Pretending to take hubby's photo, but really zooming in on Jobs.   I probably looked like a crazy stalker woman (the purple hair probably didn't help).

Most of my photos turned out blurry that day (surprise, surprise), but I had a few that were unmistakably him - even in their awfulness.  

It was less than a year ago - on October 14, 2010.  The Geek Tour of Silicon Valley was done on our way to San Francisco for Nike Women's.  That weekend had so many wonderful memories attached to it and I will never forget that Steve was one of them.

We lost a true visionary in the world of technology, music and pop culture yesterday. Today, I wear my black turtleneck in honour of the man. What an iLife he lived!

Steve Jobs


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